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The Coaching Collective is a network of experienced coaches who collaborate together to provide executive coaching services to the corporate market.


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Our Product Offering

Our practice offers three coaching products

Coaching for Performance

Our coaching for performance targets organisations who invest in their people by providing them with an external coach to explore and move through their performance blocks.

They are often rewarded with employees who have restored confidence, who are re-engaged and who are once again contributing their true value.

Coaching for Change

Change is the said to be the one constant and this is more relevant than ever with the rapid technological advancement and disruption impacting businesses today.

We support and help grow people with our coaching for change service which supports employees and their leaders to process change impacts, cultivate their change resilience and to develop supporting tools and practices.

Coaching for Leadership

We believe good people can become great leaders and our coaching for leadership service is designed to do just that.

By partnering with executives to grow their own leadership style and through reflecting on previous experiences to gain insights to propel them forward as leaders.

Meet The Team

With over 50 combined years of commercial experience


Cheryl is a senior leader and consultant with over 20 years’ experience in the fields of operational, project and general management, with a core competency in business change and transformation. Cheryl enjoys the human side of change management helping clients as a certified transformative coach to align both their personal and professional aspirations.

— Cheryl Bowie, Director


Simon is an experienced leader with a strong track record in leadership and governance developed over 25 years in business, maximising shareholder returns and securing excellent strategic outcomes in complex commercial, governmental and regulatory environments.

— Simon Whyte, Director

Una---photo_large (2)

Una has more than 20 years of experience in her organisational development consultancy that provides coaching, facilitation, training, conference sessions and consulting to the business, government and not for profit sectors, both locally and internationally.

— Una Ryan, Director

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